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RealtyBios is a ShortBios LongBios Corporation conceived, founded, owned, and managed by brothers Steve Berent and Irwin Berent, who are also the primary writers, interviewers and advisors for every bio. This company evolved from their years of writing short bios (as well as full-size biographies as part of StarMemoirs) for clients engaged in every imaginable occupation, profession, hobby, and event. After years writing these short bios, hundreds of which were invariably for real estate agents (by far the most common professional group requesting bios), they established the RealtyBios company and quickly established themselves as the most respected and well-known short-biography-writing company in history and the only one of its kind specializing in the realty profession. If Guinness had a category of world record for number of Real Estate Bios written, they would be in the book.




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